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Friday, June 21, 2013

Journals...Made from the old...

I know of 4 young ladies that will be making a trip of their lifetime.  They were selected to further their culinary careers and do a thirty day internship in France to work with French Chefs.  They are required to keep a journal of their adventures, and I thought some of my creations would be perfect for their journeys.  They all have a combination of card stock quality white journal pages, kraft brown pages with unique envelopes/pockets, and coordinating double sided pages, great for adding photographs.  Each of them have an assortment of hand stamped journal tags, journal cards, and yes even recipe cards to jot down their special recipes.   A few years ago at a thrift store, when I started creating my travel journals I had picked up these books at a thrift store.  My intent was to make travel journals with them as the titles were appropriate for traveling adventures.  At the time I got them, I didn't have the heart to cut them up...but finally I had a change of heart and just did it!!  I love how they turned out. Check out more of my creations here .
"As Long As I Live"...a journey of a lifetime, one you will never forget.

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this was made from a repurposed Nancy Drew mystery book that was in the free bin at the local thrift store.