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Thursday, February 25, 2010's almost here...

Spring is almost here, well for those of us that live in the south, though today does not feel warm, we did have a couple of days this week that were in the high 50"s. The past few days I have been busy working on some mini scrapbooks to send to my sister, who by the way is my best friend, for as long as I can remember. Though we live almost a thousand miles apart, and have so for the past 30 years, we have kept this closeness through out this time. In this time of technology, emails, facebook, cell phones, and whatnot, we have kept to writing traditional letters, and have exchanged thousands through out the years. She is a part of my mornings as I sit and have my coffee, I will write to her. Though we are a thousand miles a part, we have always been a part of each others lives. As those of you who follow my blog know, I am totally into making my mini scrapbooks. It is hard to describe these mini scrapbooks to my sister when I write to her, and pictures don't do them justice, so I decided to make here 3 of my mini books. I came across this beautiful paper the other day, ( I am addicted to paper) it is put out by K & Company, and it is the Tim Coffey designer paper pad. The paper is a combination of double sided spring theme, with black-eyed susans, pussy willows, dogwood blossoms, butterflies, dragonflies, and lilacs. Absolutely perfect for my sister, who loves to garden, and can't wait for spring to arrive. She is an artist and a writer. I made her a garden journal, that has several pages to illustrate on, pages with pockets to store those special dried flowers, and several pages to jot down garden notes. There are several pages also to add photos of her gardens as they transform through spring, to summer, to fall. I know she will love it, and I look forward to seeing the finished journal, as I imagine her, in a couple of months, (she lives in Maine) sitting outside, sipping on her cup of morning coffee, and sketching to her hearts content, and jotting down her garden thoughts.

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