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Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day! It's time to be Creative!

It's a snow day here on the eastern coast of North Carolina. We don't get much snow...and when we do the whole area closes down. Since we are cooped up here I decided to get creative and work in my art studio. I decided today that is what I will be calling my craft room from now art studio just breathes inspiration doesn't it? I came across a box of clear pages that hold baseball cards as I was packing up the last of my Christmas decorations....and I thought..hey these would make great holders to store the shipping tags I hand stamp for my travel journals.

They are perfect, as I can see the front of the tags, and also can flip the page over and see what I stamped on the back, if anything. So I hand stamped over 50 tags....they are simple ones, but hopefully inspire who ever gets my travel journals to write down quick easy thoughts. I am not the "Queen" of tag daughter Melissa is though, and you should really check out her blog here. Her work is fabulous!!

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