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Friday, January 11, 2013

Circus Themed Party

Pin the Nose on the Clown game
Prize board
I repackaged prizes and labeled them.
 I have been helping my daughter plan her son's 3rd Birthday party.  She wants a circus themed party.  There are a lot of  great ideas out there for a circus theme, the only problem is that you can't just buy the items, you need to create them.  I have been busy creating and coming up with ideas on my own. These are a few of thing I have completed.  We will have a few games, so I made up a prize board.  Win or lose, each child will be able to choose their prizes.  I whipped up a clown on poster board to use for the "pin the nose" on the clown game.  I made up some carmel apples, and plan on having peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy, and Barnum animal crackers.  Here are just a few pictures, more pictures to come when we get it all together.

Carmel apples

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