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Monday, December 14, 2009

Let the Cooking begin!!

I started cooking today. Those of you who don't know, every year on Christmas eve we do a feast of multiple appetizers. This is a tradition that we started years ago, being in the Air Force, away from family. Christmas Eve we would invite friends and co-workers to our home for great appetizers. What started out to be about 1/2 dozen people, now is about 35 to 40 people. It is a great time, lots of laughter, great food, and great company. I live a very calm life, even when there is turmoil, my life is calm. But..........come this time of year, I am totally busy, busy, busy. Over the years I have found shortcuts to make our Christmas eve feast easier on me. Today I prepared a couple of appetizers a head of pinwheels and mini pigs in the blanket. Come Christmas eve, I just need to pop these little minis in the oven. Saves a lot of time, as we get closer to Christmas. I also made two batches of fudge, peanut butter and chocolate, I have two more batches to make. These along with my cookies will be put in tins and given to our favorite neighbors, family and friends. Tomorrow I will make up my tourtiere meat pies and mini meatballs and freeze them. Then I will start making up batches of cookie dough. Some I will be able to freeze, others will keep in the fridge until I am ready to bake them. On top of all the cooking, I will manage to finish my Christmas shopping, write those select few Christmas letters, and keep my sanity!!!!

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